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Mario Vassallo, Kelowna, BC Canada

In late May of 2020, Bryden Winsby was found on the side of a hill. He had been murdered. Forensic evidence is being held back by the RCMP and Coroner’s Offices of Vernon/Enderby. The RCMP and Coroner’s Office know who the killer is but refuse to arrest the man. The man responsible is named Mario Vassallo. He is from London, ON, Canada. He lives in Kelowna, BC, Canada. He works for Canadian Superstore (YIG) and WIS Kelowna. Vassallo murdered him out of jealousy over Tessa Cavers. The victim’s father asked the coroner and RCMP not to prosecute Vassallo since Wins by’s father is a high-ranking government official. Winsby’s father made a deal with the RCMP and Vassallo’s family have used their money and power to prevent Vassallo’s arrest. He may run off to England or Malta when the opportunity arises after Covid-19. His companion is Riddhi Dholakia.

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  1. Stephanie Kjaerbaek is a woman living in Kelowna BC who appears to be living in delusion. She has falsely accused men of sexually harassing her at work, even going as far as to report them to HR based on nothing but lies and when it was found out she was being untruthful she rightfully lost her job an she decided to take matters into her own hands, by posting ridiculous made up stories based loosely on her own works of fiction which you can find on Amazon if you would like a good laugh. Mario Vassallo is a stand up citizen who wouldn’t harm a fly. Bryden is alive and well and has reached out to us despite the claims made in this post.

    • I never lost my job. I quit. I have the EI record to prove it and I have witnessed you in the company of a missing woman as well as beating your girlfriend in front of my house.

  2. stephanie kjaerbaek made this up

  3. Mario Vassallo wrote these comments in order to fake claim.

  4. Also, I did not write these messages. The police said that you did and that you admitted it to them on record. As well, I have five people who will testify to your history of harassment and stalking.

  5. The First Time with Yukon Jack with All-Canadian Boy, the Real M.A.V. from Kelowna, BC

    M.A.V. talks about his first time

    Interviewer: How was it on the side of the road?

    M.A.V.: Well, it was just great. I always wanted to hump a bear in a tree. The bear got excited when I pulled it out. I always loved pulling it out.

    Interviewer: How exciting. Did the bear react?

    M.A.V.: The bear got excited when I pulled it out. Most of the women I invited to have a suck on the roadside refused. I even tried on my fellow friends and workers. Road trips make me h***y and lonely, so after so many refusals, I decided to focus on the animal kingdom.

    Interviewer: Does this mean you’ve given up on women?

    M.A.V.: Not at all. I just wanted to try an alternative. I am tired of being rejected. When I left my last girlfriend, I ended up with several gamely looking women. I swear a dead corpse of a reindeer would be more appealing with them. I can’t make it with good-looking humans, so I thought I would try bears instead.

    Interviewer: Does it matter if it is a male or female?

    M.A.V.: I prefer females. I am hung myself, with low b***s. Try shoving them into a bear a**s. Been there, done that. Have the claw marks to prove it. I call it my new tattoo. I prefer the ladies of any species.

    Interviewer: What is the difference between a male and female bear a**s?

    M.A.V.: Size. It is all about the size.

    Interviewer: Now how did your first time go? Was the bear big?

    M.A.V.: The bear was well-hung like I like ‘em, but I am a straight boy. I really don’t care. I take the opportunity anywhere. The bear had a suck, too, and liked swallowing. He was so excited he scratched up my back and the tree.

    Interviewer: And then he came. It gives new meaning to maple syrup. Where did the Yukon Jack come into play?

    M.A.V.: I set that s**t on fire and drank up with the bear. I had a side of pancakes and maple syrup. The bear dung was a good replacement for peanut butter, which I usually have with pancakes.

    Interviewer: Where did you get the pancakes?

    M.A.V.: Ordered ‘em from Denny’s, where else? Everytime is a good time with Yukon Jack. I always take shots after getting laid by a bear. You’ve got to try it.

    Interviewer: Wow, with a side of bear dung, too. I will keep that in mind. So that was your first time?

    M.A.V.: With the bear, yes. With Yukon Jack, too. Now I love both.

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